Places to travel with the family in Europe

Verona – Would the whole family enjoy it?

When travelling, keeping everyone in the family happy can be a worry. As a teenager and a younger member of the Tribe, I found Verona was one of those cities that is perfect for a long weekend break. Made famous by the well-known Shakespeare tale of Romeo and Juliet, this beautiful city can be navigated by foot, and with plenty of picturesque lunchtime spots and endless flavours of gelato Verona is a city that will not fail to impress (especially with us teens).

One thing that the city was able to do was to take us teenagers off of our phones and give us the chance to indulge ourselves in the views, history, tourism and culture of what the city has to offer. Small side-streets and massive plazas allowed us to interact with local Italian shop keepers (with very limited knowledge of the language) and get a taste of a big part of their culture…food. The pizzas were truly delicious and the pastas were delightful, but this isn’t the only food they eat. Dishes like pork chop, duck and salad bowls were on a choice at an evening meal, all topped off with either a desert selection of ice cream or tiramisu.

Some serious desserts!

The atmosphere of the city is always lively. In the day, you can find choirs in the town squares where the acoustics amplify their voices, leaving you standing there in awe. When walking to a restaurant in the evening, there was always some kind of music, be it a man playing his accordion or a whole band, it was an amazing experience. Just walking past local pubs, you could feel the buzz and vibrancy of the city.

Gazing over the red brick rooftops over the city is a treat after climbing to the top of  the ‘Torre dei Lamberti’ which towers over the Piazza delle Erbe.  Star-crossed tourists can visit Juliet’s balcony and can write little love notes on wall (Note: if you wish to avoid a fine you can buy ‘love note panels’ from the shop) alongside everyone else’s. It’s an amazing way to understand the relevance of the city. In the balcony courtyard, you can see the wall of padlocks, which represent a fraction of the amount of people that have visited this one destination. Visiting the ‘Arena di Verona’ is a truly unique experience due to it being a compact and relatively quiet amphitheatre.  You can buy tickets to watch live music and theatre, but you will need to book early so as not to be disappointed.

To get a birds eye view of this magnificent city, you can take a half hour hike up the hill to get picture perfect views across the vista. As you explore further out of the hustle and bustle of the city , you will find small family-run cafes, which are tranquil, relaxing and a great way to view the city.  To top the day off, you could take part in the fun family experience of an escape room. These are always fun to do and allow the kids to take control for a while!

It’s all about the love!

Over all, for a teenager, Verona is no boring trip. It allowed us to escape from school work and relax, even though it was only for a few days. I would recommend anyone who wants to go to Verona, to completely immerse yourselves into the culture, and I can assure you that you will get the most out of it and have a fabulous time in the process.





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