Georgian viewing platform of the Roman Baths
Day's out with your Teenagers - Recommended places to visit

Spend a family day out in Bath, and embrace the History and Culture along the way.

Bizarre Bath Walking Tour and Bath Skyline.

Palladian Style Bridge
Prior Park, Bath, Bath Skyline

If you and your teens are looking for something different from the usual walking tour, then Bizarre Bath is certainly a good option.  You will have the opportunity to take an evening walk around the city, visiting some of the local landmarks and tourist spots, but rather than listening to the usual predictable history of the city, you and your tribe will actually become a part of the entertainment for the evening.  Bizarre Bath is an engaging, funny and full of mystery tour, starting at the Huntsman Inn near North Parade every evening at 8pm, and is designed for adults and older children, although younger children are also welcome too. At £10 per adult for a 90 minute walk (£7 concession for students), it may seem a bit pricey, but Bizarre Bath is not your average walking tour.  Reviews online are positive, and there is a FAQ on their website, which will hopefully answer any questions you have beforehand.   So put your walking shoes on, and prepared to be entertained!

If however you are looking for something a little more relaxing and want to embrace your natural surrounding a bit more, we recommend the Bath Skyline walk.  Rather than being part of the entertainment, this walk enables you to breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the different perspectives of the city from an elevated position, across beautiful countryside in a natural haven of tranquillity. Part of the National Trust, the Bath Skyline walk is perfect on a crisp spring or autumnal day, where you and your tribe can smell the wild flowers and woodland, and for a few hours enter a secluded world which seems far away from the hustle and bustle of Bath itself. You will need to leave yourself at least 4 hours if you want to complete the 6 mile walk, which starts at Bathwick Hill, leads on to Sham Castle Down folly, Bathhampton wood, the stunning Palladian style bridge at Prior Park, and finishing at Bathwick fields.  Dogs are welcome on the walk too!  Check out the National Trust website for more details about the walk alongside events throughout the year which are organised by the trust for families to enjoy the splendour of this stunning natural area.


Visit the Bath Fashion Museum and become a culture vulture!

The Bath Fashion Museum is a good place to visit with those members of your tribes who are particularly interested in all that is fashion and clothing.  The museum even has a sketching workshop on a Saturday morning for those budding, wanabee designers who like to while a morning away sketching and drawing out some of the many items of clothing and accessories from the past this museum holds.  Situated near the historic Circus, Bath Fashion Museum is currently home to many significant items of clothing and dress from 1600 to the present day.  It’s “A History of fashion in 100” exhibition gives visitors a real insight into not just how fashion has changed in the past 400 years, but society itself.  So this museum is a good shout for this historians in the family, as well as the fashionistas!  The museum is also house to other temporary exhibitions, currently including the “Royal Women” clothing exhibit, showcasing significant clothing which has been worn by Queens and Princesses including Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Princess Margaret and our current Queen Elizabeth II.  You can’t help but become completely transfixed by their intricacies, the beautiful fabrics and colours, and each piece tells a story of the person who wore it, making it a memorable experience.  The obligatory gift shop and cafe (which has some interesting little gifts and trinkets, unlike some of your other, more touristy gift shops!) makes it a worthwhile visit even for those who are perhaps more interested in the fashion of the present as opposed to the past!  This museum is often overlooked by visitors, even by those who live near to Bath, and yet it really shouldn’t be, it celebrates the great and the good about Bath and it’s past, and if that doesn’t float your boat, you can always try some of the gear on too for a bit of family fun and entertainment (but not the Queen’s clothing unfortunately!) – what’s not to love?!

Ionic style columns
Shopping in Bath


Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House and Museum, a guilty pleasures food tasting experience.

Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House is the oldest house in Bath, dating from 1480, although there are suggestions that there was an eating and drinking establishment on the site even in Roman times……so if it’s good enough for the Romans!!!…..and we think it is certainly a “must do” when planning your visit to this Georgian city.  Situated pretty centrally, down a little side street, the best way to find Sally Lunn’s is to head for the Roman Baths, which is situated close by, or do as many of us have done over the years……ask a local Bathonian!!!  So why is Sally Lunn’s on our list of must do’s with teens?  Three words…..Original Bath Bun!  No trip to Bath could ever be totally complete without taking your tribe to sample one of the things this little house is truly famous for.  The Sally Lunn Bun, and the restaurant itself of course is named after a French Huguenot lady called Solanges, who came to Bath in the 1680’s from France, probably escaping religious persecution.  For over 300 years, the house has been making on site the Original Bath Bun, in fact the recipe is still so secret that no one except those who work in the kitchens know how to make them!  These brioche style buns are generally served sweet and in halves, let’s just say that it is a very generous sized half too!  We like ours with chocolate-hazelnut spread, but you can have them simply with butter, or jam or lovely lemon curd.  Perfect with a cup of tea!  There is an etiquette when eating the buns that has to be deployed though, so be careful to use your fork and knife otherwise you might get into trouble!  The restaurant doesn’t just make and sell Bath Buns, it has a full menu including lots of different ways to eat Afternoon Tea, and dinners served on Trencher bread (basically before the plate was invented, people ate on bread plates – interesting fact!). A visit to Sally Lunn’s is a must because it is more than just a coffee shop or restaurant. It really is steeped in history, but it’s a lot of fun too, and somewhere different to grab and drink rather than the usual coffee establishments that are generally ten a penny.


Roman Baths and Pump Rooms.

Part of the Roman Baths Museum
Gorgon’s Head

What can we say about the Roman Baths which hasn’t already been said in a travel guide? A UNESCO world heritage site, a visit to the Roman Baths is for many the biggest draw to the city, bringing visitors from all parts of the globe to see the 2000 year old bathing complex.  Even we local people cannot fail to be amazed by the spectacle of the bathing suite, temple building and artefacts which make up the Roman Baths museum, and we are sure like many others, your teenagers will find something which catches their attention and interest.  For us, the big winner which makes a visit to the museum an essential part of any trip to Bath is the sense of human experiences and Romano-British life which is everywhere around you on the site, and where you can really imagine those people from the past living and working there. We can all relate to human life after all!  Give yourselves a half day for the museum and Pump Room, the Georgian tea room built above the Roman town of Bath, where you will continue to step back in time, and refresh yourselves whilst being accompanied by a string quartet – how civilised!

Georgian Bath Tea Rooms
The Pump Room

Mothers and daughters will particularly like the Afternoon Tea menu, particularly if you are celebrating something special, or just want to enjoy some quality female time together! If any of you are brave enough, you can also sample the waters from the natural hot spring which Bath is so famous for……let’s just say however that it is definitely an acquired taste, our teens don’t care for it much, but it does have 43 minerals, so it’s apparently good for you!

Georgian viewing platform of the Roman Baths
The Great Bath

The city of Bath is steeped in history and culture, just waiting for you and your tribe to soak it up.

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