Walt Disney World

The Garden Grocer – our favourite online grocery store in Orlando

When we travelled to Walt Disney World we know that our lunches and dinners are catered for but in the past we have often found that breakfast is a bit of a sticking point. In our early visits to the parks we found that we were hungry by mid morning and this could lead to grumpy children – not magical at all!!

Something that we soon discovered was the Garden Grocer, an online supermarket that delivers provision to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels (excluding the Swan and Dolphin Hotels) and the Wyndham Grand Orlando and Bonnet Creek Resorts. It is an extra perk to staying on site and it can also be part of your planning. In fact the earlier you plan and book a shop, the bigger the discount you will receive. For example if you place an order 60 days prior to arrival you will receive a 10% discount on your shop, but you can even order up to 15 days before arriving and you will receive a discount, albeit a smaller one (5%), but to quote a famous UK supermarket ‘every little helps!’.

We’ve used the Garden Grocer on several occasions now and it has meant that we have food in our room for snacks and breakfasts which after a long haul journey is just what we needed. It gives us one thing less to have to think about, particularly in the early days of the holiday when we are adapting to the time difference. As part of our holiday planning we sat down together and had a chat about what we would like to order and then it was really simple to place the order and have confirmation sent immediately. On the day of delivery the text messages and email allowed you to track your order and then call Bell Services at the resort and the food was delivered to the room. Having the food delivered was well worth the $5 tip.

This year we had a two bedroom villa so we were able to place a relatively large order that consisted of breakfast items such as cereal, yoghurts, eggs, bread, pancake mix, fruit and other goodies such as milk, crisps, washing powder and bottled water. We also cut down on our suitcase weight by ordering shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap. If you are staying in a resort hotel you probably won’t place such a large order and will have less need for chilled items however the resort hotels have fridges in the rooms so chilled goods can be stored there. It’s worth having a look at the Garden Grocer website as they have a great selection just like a regular supermarket.

This worked well for us and it’s something that we would say is worth checking out. TheΒ  website is easy to use, and yes there are different products than here in the UK, but if you focus on the basics, you should be fine. For us it’s just like doing an online food shop here in the UK but it’s far more exciting when you know that it’s going to be delivered to your room in Walt Disney World!!!!

You will never go hungry at Disney, but it does give us a good feeling to know that we’ve got food in the kitchen and when our tribe are hungry weΒ  have something ready to go – it really makes it home from home.



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